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new-zealand-white-rabbitSome Things You Should Know About Raising Rabbits

Raising rabbits is something people do for a variety of reasons. Some like to keep them as pets, others as food, and others still breed and sell the babies (known as kits) to interested parties. Whatever your desire, raising rabbits can be rewarding both monetarily and emotionally, but only if you educate yourself on what is expected of you as an owner. The responsibilities, like the rewards, are many.

Those interested in raising rabbits with the interest of keeping them as pets are in luck: having one or more rabbits in your home is a great way to enrich your life. These docile and diminutive creatures are the embodiment of cuteness and affect feelings of humor and delight wherever they tread. Like cats and dogs, rabbits can and should be housebroken as quickly as possible. The process is very similar, but instead of leading them to the door or to a litter box, you will want them to do their business in their cage, where it can then be easily cleaned up. Also like cats and dogs, when raising rabbits it is very important to have your pet spayed or neutered – rabbits are prolific breeders and, given the chance, they will do just that. Of course, if your aim is to generate offspring for sale, you will want to ignore this advice.

The rabbit is becoming an increasingly more popular show animal. Their meek demeanor, soft coats, and diverse coloration make for the perfect show animal. It is not uncommon for people to begin raising rabbits purely for show – those who are able to rear truly exceptional specimens go on to win prizes and accolades for their effort. Speaking of effort, a great deal of it is required to produce something truly show worthy, so much so that this quickly ceases to be a hobby and becomes more a way of life. The parents you select for breeding make a major impact, this is true, but the care and attention you give your rabbit is the deciding factor in determining whether or not you have a champion on your hands.

High quality rabbit pelts are highly prized, and some consider fine rabbit meat to be a delicacy. For these reasons, many decide that raising rabbits for the purposes of eating their meat and wearing their fur is the best option for them. Like any other form of livestock, your rabbits will need to be kept safe from predators and from the elements – many birds of prey hunt rabbits in the wild and will not make the distinction between wild or domestic, meaning your hares are fair game. A secure, roofed off enclosure is key to protecting your investment.

Raising rabbits can be a rewarding experience for those willing to invest time, energy, and money into the process. The domestication of rabbits have made these furry creatures dependent on us for basic survival – do right by them and make sure they live as happy and stress free lives as possible while in your care.

new-zealand-white-rabbitRaising Rabbits – The Essentials

There are many reasons to domesticate and raise animals today: some do it for food, others for companionship, and still others for show. Rabbits are one of those animals that can, depending on your needs, fill any of these rolls. Raising rabbits for any reason can be an extremely rewarding venture, but only if you take the time to properly educate yourself. You won’t get far raising rabbits without the necessary knowledge… you’ve taken a step in the right direction by reading this. Keep reading to learn the essentials of raising rabbits.

The domestication of wild hares has been going on for thousands of years. Today, the creature is far more passive than its more wild relatives, meaning that they make for excellent pets. If you are raising rabbits for companionship, there are some important things you need to keep in mind. First, rabbits are no cats, and they are not dogs – as previously stated, they are very passive and don’t often engage in play, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Don’t expect to play rough with a rabbit the way you might with a dog. This means that they are excellent pets for children (who learn to handle them with care) because they don’t nip or knock down their playmate. Second, rabbits can often be very nervous, especially if the environment in which they live is dynamic and noisy – enclosing your pet bunny in a cage with a blanket over it can greatly reduce its anxiety. Third, if you let your rabbit roam free around your home, be ready to clean up after it! Even a housebroken rabbit can have accidents if it is frightened. Fourth and finally, avoid letting your rabbit outside unless it is very closely supervised. Rabbits are the natural targets for many large birds of prey, so it is not uncommon to have your beloved pet to the talons of a hawk or eagle.

If you are raising rabbits for food or fur, you should still be aware of the needs of the animal. Keeping your livestock happy and healthy is the key to a strong yield – the quality of both meat and fur can be diminished if the animal spends most of its time under stress or underfed. Try housing your rabbits in a comfortable environment that will protect them from both the elements as well as any potential predators in your area. Rabbit meat can be very high in protein and, depending on the hare’s diet and activity level, very palatable as well.

Whatever reason you have for raising rabbits, always keep in mind that they are living creatures who experience the same emotions that you do, only on a smaller scale. Whether you opt to keep them as pets, breed them for profit, or use their meat and fur to sustain you, always treat them with the respect that is due all living creatures and treat them as humanely as possible.

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