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new-zealand-white-rabbitRaising Rabbits – The Essentials

There are many reasons to domesticate and raise animals today: some do it for food, others for companionship, and still others for show. Rabbits are one of those animals that can, depending on your needs, fill any of these rolls. Raising rabbits for any reason can be an extremely rewarding venture, but only if you take the time to properly educate yourself. You won’t get far raising rabbits without the necessary knowledge… you’ve taken a step in the right direction by reading this. Keep reading to learn the essentials of raising rabbits.

The domestication of wild hares has been going on for thousands of years. Today, the creature is far more passive than its more wild relatives, meaning that they make for excellent pets. If you are raising rabbits for companionship, there are some important things you need to keep in mind. First, rabbits are no cats, and they are not dogs – as previously stated, they are very passive and don’t often engage in play, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Don’t expect to play rough with a rabbit the way you might with a dog. This means that they are excellent pets for children (who learn to handle them with care) because they don’t nip or knock down their playmate. Second, rabbits can often be very nervous, especially if the environment in which they live is dynamic and noisy – enclosing your pet bunny in a cage with a blanket over it can greatly reduce its anxiety. Third, if you let your rabbit roam free around your home, be ready to clean up after it! Even a housebroken rabbit can have accidents if it is frightened. Fourth and finally, avoid letting your rabbit outside unless it is very closely supervised. Rabbits are the natural targets for many large birds of prey, so it is not uncommon to have your beloved pet to the talons of a hawk or eagle.

If you are raising rabbits for food or fur, you should still be aware of the needs of the animal. Keeping your livestock happy and healthy is the key to a strong yield – the quality of both meat and fur can be diminished if the animal spends most of its time under stress or underfed. Try housing your rabbits in a comfortable environment that will protect them from both the elements as well as any potential predators in your area. Rabbit meat can be very high in protein and, depending on the hare’s diet and activity level, very palatable as well.

Whatever reason you have for raising rabbits, always keep in mind that they are living creatures who experience the same emotions that you do, only on a smaller scale. Whether you opt to keep them as pets, breed them for profit, or use their meat and fur to sustain you, always treat them with the respect that is due all living creatures and treat them as humanely as possible.

Tips for Proper Yard Maintenance – If you have ever see a yard that has gotten out of control, you know how terrible it can make the houses around it look. No one likes a messy lawn, but some people just don’t have the time, resources, or desire to maintain it. Unfortunately, improper and neglectful yard maintenance can have very real ramifications such as driving down property values and garnering the resentment of neighbors. To keep this from happening to you, keep reading to learn more about proper yard maintenance and ways you can keep your lawn looking its best.


Anyone who does yard maintenance as a profession will tell you it’s not bad work: you get to spend time outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise all the while earning a decent living. The occasional gardener may see it differently – instead of an opportunity to earn money and go outside, they see it as a chore, something that has to get done in order to get to more enjoyable activities. Not everyone is crazy about yard maintenance, but the good news is that you don’t have to be. If you are able to find some enjoyment out of it, focus on whatever activities you prefer and save them for last. This should motivate you to push through the less enjoyable and more menial tasks as you make your way to better ones. Getting up and getting active through yard maintenance is a good form of exercise, even if it doesn’t seem it. The work is often strenuous on your body (the main reason people try not to do it) but this just means you are getting a good work out from it. The more you do it, the easier it will become on both your body and on the lawn – regular upkeep will vastly reduce the amount of work you need to do each time.


When it comes to yard maintenance, you will always want to have the proper tools. Repairing or replacing your tools when they show signs of wear or become inoperable, respectively, is also important – few things can compare to the frustration one feels when their lawnmower simply won’t start. This can be expensive, but it will be cheaper in the long run than hiring a crew of yard maintenance professionals to do it for you. Of course, hiring such a crew will save you time, so it should certainly remain an option.


Your yard maintenance routine should be regular, at least once every two weeks, at most once a week. Try and pick a pleasant day on which to work, and avoid doing yard work after a heavy storm – downed tree branches can be dangerous to remove on your own and you should see professional assistance to avoid damaging yourself and your property.


There isn’t a whole lot to it – stay on top of your yard, keep your tools working and up to date, and know when to call in professional assistance. It’s never too late to pull your yard back from the brink of ruin, but follow the yard maintenance advice in this article so you won’t have to!

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